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Introducing the Tammock

After so many trips to the amazing deserts of southern Utah, we are now excited & proud to introduce a freestanding tent-hammock camping adventure system. The Tammock was designed & built with outdoor Comfort, Connection and Lifestyle in mind.

Off the Ground Anywhere

It’s not a tent. Not a hammock. It’s a TAMMOCK


Comfort makes it easy for people to enjoy their outdoor experience to its fullest potential, right alongside its challenges. The Tammock provides a solution people can get excited about because there's nothing like good sleep outdoors, to make you feel refreshed and ready for the next adventure.


Many of us feel consumed by the daily grind, and sometimes, it's a challenge to break out of our routine for weeks, months, or even years. The Tammock provides a helpful way to reconnect with Nature in a different way.


Outdoor activity promotes a healthy balance between mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, which is why we designed and created The Tammock to make it easy for people to engage in a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

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Why the Tammock?

Our love for hammocks & sharing the outdoors with friends inspired us to invent the a freestanding, tent-hammock frame. But this outdoor adventure isn’t just about a new way to hammock outdoors without trees. LIT Outdoors creates innovative gear to enhance the outdoor experience for everyone. Which is why you can now swing your hammock in comfort & style just about anywhere.

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