Travel Log | Meeting Entrepreneurs in a Globalized World

Travel Log | Meeting Entrepreneurs in a Globalized World

Fortune and Perspective

I feel very fortunate for the experiences I’ve had. For me, traveling continues to be among some of the most rewarding ways to experience what life has to offer. The places, the people, the food, and most importantly, I value the unforgettable memories.

Traveling has given me new perspectives about myself, and about a world much larger than myself. Visiting Guatemala’s vast rainforests, Costa Rica, and bustling cities in China and India, my thinking changed radically. What’s most inspiring about these experiences was meeting other people from around the world. Several of them are working to solve old problems in new and inventive ways.

Globalized Convo

Conversation with locals and fellow travelers is always lively, enhanced, and full of thought. While traveling through Delhi, India, I met a German computer scientist named Yassin, visiting to work with his development team on their new app, Caresocius.

Caresocious is an app that connects medical patients with physicals and treatment options around the world. Yassin's goal is to provide a way for patients to skip third-party services used to match patients with doctors. Yassin is an incredible example of people I’ve met on my travels working to improve the quality of global healthcare.

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Such efforts to improve the human race by Yassin, and people like him, are crucial for progress to happen. It’s clear this kind of ingenuity stimulates the economy, but above all, innovation of this sort also creates a way for people to live better lives.

Another example of a positive innovator I met traveling, is Matt Rowe, owner of an Australian based renewable energy company, GreenSync, working to provide light for people in the poorest regions on the planet.

Matt’s traveling through India right now, on his way to help light slum areas in Bangalore, which will go a long way toward building a stronger community, by allowing mothers and fathers to provide warm meals for their families, and students to study at night. 

Globalized Solutions to Old Problems

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It’s exciting to have met people from all around the world who are developing new solutions to old problems such as helping to bring light and power where they are needed. This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling, so expect more tales from the Outdoors.

Larger networks enhance our reach and enable us to create unexpected solutions to problems, that likely would’ve been solved in a globalized society long ago.

A globalized society makes it possible for Australians to create low-cost infrastructures in India, and our German friends to produce affordable life-changing apps. This also provides hardworking Indians the opportunity to earn a decent wage as part of a global movement.

LIT Outdoors wants this movement to spread to every corner of the world. From volunteerism and continued work with other emerging entrepreneurs, to providing resources and infrastructure, and everything in-between. Whatever it takes.

Be a part of a globalized society!  #InternationalMovement