LIT Outdoors Takes on Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

The LIT Outdoors team embarked on a road trip to Rancho Del Rio, Colorado this past weekend, home of the Beanstalk Music Festival. A festival of fewer than 1,000 people, Beanstalk highlighted some of the best local musicians, and great sounds from around the country.

It was a weekend full of great people, awesome companies, incredible music, and relaxation in a new backyard. We were lucky enough to set up a vendor’s booth to get feedback about the Tammock, and we're super-excited about the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received.

The Beanstalk Experience

Rancho Del Rio is a haven for whitewater rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. It sits along the Colorado River less than an hour northwest of Vail. Its patchy, shrub vegetation means lots of sunshine during the day.  

Camping a stone's throw away from the river means there are people on the river where the inflatables range from pizza slices, unicorns, roosters, donuts, rafts and tons of others. The music didn't start until the afternoon, so the whole morning people are cycling in and out of the river, for their daily dose of refreshment.

Cold river water under hot Colorado sun surrounded by mountains, lack of phone service, and
wi-fi made Beanstalk a perfect weekend getaway.

 Beanstalk Patrons Floating the Colorado River, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

Beanstalk Patrons Floating the Colorado River, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

Luckily, our booth was in between the campsites and stage area, which was great once the music started in the afternoon when people began to shuffle in. We were able to meet so many people, and talk about the festival, the music, the venue, and ourselves. We learned why some people prefer to go to small festivals, such as Beanstalk versus massive events like Electric Forest.  

The Tammock Introduces Itself to Colorado

 Petar Janjic, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

Petar Janjic, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

We received an abundance of feedback from many new friends experiencing the Tammock for the first time. People were amazed by its uniqueness.

Among them was Cory Wong, one of the newest members of Vulfpeck.  Wong and bandmate Petar Janjic, from the Green Screen Band, both had opportunity to try the Tammock after Friday's insane, funk-filled set.

While laying in it, Petar says to Cory, “Dude have you tried this thing yet?! We need to get these for everyone in the band.” We were thrilled to have these world-class musicians as excited about the Tammock as we are.

 Cory Wong, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

Cory Wong, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

 Danny Evans of Amoramora, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

Danny Evans of Amoramora, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

Cory Wong and the Green Screen Band were among Friday's highlights, and Danny Evans' Amoramora’s daytime set on Saturday had people grooving.

Their psychedelic rock/funk fusion was exactly what we needed on Saturday afternoon. The crowed rang with appreciation for how far they’d come since playing college houses of CU Boulder years back.

One of the best sets of the weekend came from an electronic, jazz, funk jam powerhouse by the name of Octave Cat.

This trio features Lotus' Jesse Miller on bass, Dopapod's Eli Winderman on keys, and Charlie Patierno on drums. We were supremely grateful to catch these guys for a rare river performance.

The Best of food Vendors

We also had the very great pleasure of meeting Beastalk's amazing vendors and artists. One of our favorite vendors, The Landshark, served-up deliciously authentic dishes from the deep South  including their signature Lobster Mac, and buttery chicken biscuits for breakfast.  

Known as the Kings of Cajun, Landshark comes by way of Louisiana, and will be making their permanent home in Denver starting July 2018. Another food truck we enjoyed over the weekend was the Shooting Star Eatery  based in Brighton, CO, offering delicious Acai bowls, smoothies, and their infamously delectable Magic Beans Burrito.

 LIT Outdoors and Grassroots California Booths, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

LIT Outdoors and Grassroots California Booths, Beanstalk Music Festival 2018

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our good friends over at Pie for the People from Joshua Tree, and Mile High Spirits who dished out the meanest Bloody Mary’s west of the Mississippi.

Finally, we were blessed enough to have a booth next to our friends at Grassroots California, who helped us fend off gigantic gusts of wind. Check out their unique apparel at the Grassroots California website

Thank you, Beanstalk!

LIT Outdoors says thanks to everyone who made the Beanstalk Music Festival possible. Thank you for superb music, fabulous vendors, tight security, awesome fellow patrons, its volunteers, and of course, we're forever grateful for all The Magic Beans.

It was an incredible weekend for LIT Outdoors, that gave us opportunity to showcase the Tammock to people who love music and camping. Beanstalk is truly a special event unlike any we've ever attended.

Once again, Thank you, Colorado!