the strongest COMPANies HAve A STORY AND A PURPOSE

Our story began in Salt Lake City, UT, where Nick Bierwolf and Daniel Goldfinger met as neighbors. They faced a common dilemma living blocks away from the University of Utah, there weren't enough trees to hang a hammock.

Knowing them, you wouldn't be surprised to find out they spent the next few years looking for
a solution. 

Goblin Valley, 2016

In August 2016, Nick and Daniel were camping in Goblin Valley, UT only to face the same problem: nowhere to hang their hammocks.  

That's when they started thinking how many other people had to deal with the same thing. It's difficult to hang your hammock without a tree... 

Nick and Daniel embarked on an all-out effort,  which lead to the creation of LIT Outdoors as a company. It also led to the development of the first freestanding tent-hammock outdoor adventure system we call the "Tammock."

Absolutely no trees are required, which means users of all ages can now comfortably explore the World in hammocks—anywhere.

LIT Outdoors is where the Tammock was born.


Here at LIT Outdoors, we're looking to solve problems in the outdoors, and in our community. Our goal is to give back by helping to see these problems eradicated, and we believe with dedication and community support, we can lift everybody off the ground.

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